About Me


I am a junior at Penn State University majoring in psychology and public relations and a member of the Schreyer Honors College. I am intrigued with using modern technology and emotional intelligence to tell stories that connect people. My background in public relations, psychology, marketing and journalism makes me a skilled and versatile communicator with experience strategically engaging diverse audiences online. 

I study psychology and public relations because I am fascinated with understanding how people communicate and interact. Both majors allow me to explore this interest in different ways and have shaped my interests and involvement outside of the classroom as I try to identify the best ways to balance my two passions. 

When I first came to college, I joined Onward State, Penn State’s independent student news blog and the world’s most-followed student news outlet. During the last three years, I have written more than 400 posts while working as a staff writer, social media manager and news editor. Next semester, I will be the managing editor and oversee a staff of 50 students and all of the blog’s operations.

In addition to my time with Onward State, I also work as a freelance writer and consult with a variety of clients to develop and execute content marketing communication plans.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work as a strategic communications intern with Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. and as a channel marketing intern with Signify. With Munich Reinsurance America, I noticed the need for great storytelling in the workplace, while with Signify, I  refined my analytical skills and learned to think in terms of business objectives. I’m excited to continue learning about the public relations industry this summer as a corporate communications intern with IBM.

I'm unsure if my next step will be at a PR agency, in marketing at a start-up, or doing something completely unrelated. What I am sure of though is that I love to write, especially about the intersection of my two main interests -- social media and social science. I envision a career where I can use research to tell stories strategically based and bring people together.